Saturday, June 7, 2014

In a funk

I feel like I'm stuck in a rut... a funk... unmotivated... just blah in general. There has been a lot going on lately and I think the stress of it all is starting to catch up to me. My husband and I have been planning a big move up to Spokane, WA  for the last few months and it's getting down to the wire. I mean, is this not gorgeous?

There are tons of reasons we want to move and it will be a really great step for us in many ways. Housing costs are much more reasonable and you get a lot more for your money. We want to have four real seasons. We want our someday-kids to be able to camp out in the backyard in the summer. We want to watch the snow fall on Christmas and maybe make a snowman on the front lawn. We are SUPER excited to get the ball rolling and get up there but the transition, like any big change, is tricky. I've been in the job hunt process and my husband has been applying to school for Physical Therapy. It's just SO hard to put all your eggs into one basket and then not have any control over that basket! I keep telling myself it will all work out, it will all be worth it, and whatever it meant to be will be. But sometimes I need a little more motivational reminder... and for that, of course, I turn to Pinterest. 

OK, I am starting to feel better.... but then I think about the financial stress of a big move and I almost can't breathe. We have been working on the house every weekend trying to fix it up and make updates. New blinds, paint touch ups, kitchen drawer handles (THAT was no small task let me tell you!) and trying to tame our yard. Thankfully as far as the yard is concerned I have a great friend who is VERY knowledgeable about all things plant and has been helping. Seriously could not have made this much progress without her and I will forever be grateful. Sometimes situations in life show you who your true friends are and who are willing to help you and never expect anything in return. Before and after photos coming soon. I'm excited to see it finished. So I try not to worry too much about money because once we move it will all work out. Southern California is not exactly easy as a one income household. 

I've also been "dieting" the last few months. If you've read my previous posts you know how I feel about the word "diet". I strongly dislike it. Strongly. Anyway, the last two months or so I've been following the Dukan diet again and mostly doing well. But it really can get quite dull if you don't keep some variety going with new recipes. I haven't had the time or energy to get creative with my cooking and all I want to do is just go get a donut! Is that so much to ask for??? I tried and failed (miserably) to make spur of the moment fudge for my husband, but that's probably for the best because I would have been too tempted. I believe living a healthy and active life style (call it dieting if you must) is just as much mental as it is physical. It's easy to lose the motivation or lose sight of your goal. It's easy to want to quit. But nothing worth having is ever easy. 

Thanks Pinterest for keepin' it real. And for helping to lift me out of my funk. 


  1. good luck with the move! a big change like that can definitely be stressful so hopefully you guys can do it without too much worry. i've been working on house updates too and it's seriously exhausting, so i know how you feel!

    1. House updates are like a catch 22, I totally want them done but I don't want to do them! If only I could win the lotto and hire someone to do everything. Although.... then I'd be bored LOL

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