Friday, May 23, 2014

Dukan blueberry pancakes

This recipe is inspired by my adorable husband who made these for me yesterday. It was a surprise breakfast in bed and I could not have been happier. 

What you'll need: 
3 tbsp oat bran 
3 tbsp blueberry Greek yogurt 
1/2 cup egg whites or equivalent of 2 whole eggs 

Step 1: 
Mix all ingredients in a bowl. It will appear very runny. Don't worry that's ok. 

Step 2:
Spray a medium sized pan with no stick cooking spray over medium heat. 

Step 3: 
Once your pan is heated up, pour about half of your batter into the pan. You may need to spoon some of the oat bran into the pan since it tends to sink a little. 

Step 4: 
When the edges start to brown and the whole thing appears to be getting solid, give it a flip. You can do it!

Step 5: 
The second side will cook faster so keep an eye on it. Remove from pan and repeat with the rest of your batter. 

Step 6: 
Top with a drizzle of sugar free maple syrup. These would also be yummy rolled like a crepe with a sweetened cream cheese filling! Yum! Trying that tomorrow! 

Oh did I mention The best part? This recipe is only about 150 calories including the syrup. Less than 2 grams of fat, less than 4 grams of sugar, and 15 whopping grams of protein thanks to the Greek yogurt and egg whites! You'll feel full and satisfied all morning! 


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  1. yum - these look really amazing! what a great way to make a healthier pancake :)