Thursday, May 1, 2014

Discover: Playing House

Playing House on USA

This is not a sponsored post by any means but it has been so long since a new show has come along that is actually BETTER than the trailer led me to believe. Every new show I try seems to fizzle or get cancelled or is just plain predictable. This show actually airs on USA network but I happened to catch it on E! on my lunch break. It's that good. It's a brand new show and it's already syndicated on two networks? That has to be a good sign! (By the way, how cute are those dresses, right?)

So the basic plot of the show is about two life-long best friends Emma and Maggie. Emma is some kind of business woman living in China, who flies home to Connecticut (thank you 3rd grade geography I can still spell Connecticut without thinking) for her BFF Maggie's baby shower. Maggie is 8 months pregnant and discovers her husband is a total perv who secretly engages in shenanigans in the basement with a German "lady" over the Internet. Emma tells Maggie to be brave enough to kick her husband out since he clearly can't let go of his little "hobby". Emma has to choose between her job in China and her friend in need. So Maggie tells Emma she needs to break her habit of running away when things get hard.  

Even though this was only the pilot episode, I felt like I was coming to the show mid-season, but in a good way. The characters felt likable, real, and well established. At the end of the day, they are best friends who challenge each other in the way only a best friend can. They support each other no matter what. And it's actually really, really funny too. My favorite line was Emma talking about going to karaoke in China and her awesome Mandarin version of "I don't think you're ready for this jerry". 

And in honor of BFFs everywhere here is a photo of me and my girls Courtney and Andrea. Love them! 

I'll definitely be setting my DVR for this little gem of a show. (PLEASE don't cancel it USA!). Looks like you can watch episodes online too so check it out. Have you found any new shows you absolutely love? I have a 3 episode rule for trying out new shows. If I'm not invested after 3 episodes, it's done. I'd love to hear any suggestions! 

***UPDATE: I just watched Episode 2 online and was almost in tears from laughing! You HAVE to give this show a chance!***

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