Thursday, May 15, 2014

Top 5 Pinterest tricks I actually use (and you can too)

Everyone who knows me, knows I love me some Pinterest. I even went as Pinterest for Halloween last year. Here's proof: 
Truly the world's easiest, most comfortable, last minute Halloween costume ever. Boots, leggings, sweater tunic, a scarf, and VOILA! Basically a Pinterest inspired formula for a cute outfit and I pinned myself with a giant Pin it button. But I know that Pinterest can feel like a challenge at times and make us feel inadequate overwhelmed with SO many ideas and inspirations. So I've compiled my top 5 Pinterest tips and tricks that I actually use regularly and are so easy that you can (and should) use them too. 

1. Dish soap and vinegar shower brush 
You've probably heard of this one. If not, then I say, you're welcome. This trick has saved me so much time cleaning the shower, which I'll be honest is probably my absolute LEAST favorite chore on house cleaning day. I just hate the angle. I hate getting wet. And I hate the strong smell of those chemicals. But now I leave one of these scrub brushes in my shower and whenever I have an extra few minutes, scrub, scrub, scrub. Sometimes I just do one wall, or just the shower doors, or if I have a conditioning treatment that has to sit on my hair I might just do the whole darn thing. You're already in the shower and the brush is right there so you really have no excuse. There's really no special recipe but this is where I first learned about this genius idea. 
2. Shoe rack for scarves. 
These are my actual scarves in my actual closet. I've added a couple since this photo was taken but it has given me so much more space in the rest of my closet AND I can actually see all my scarves now. No more trying to loop them through hangers which they inevitably keep slipping off of and the cat sleeps on them. Now they add a pop of color to my boring closet door and I can see them and can pair them with more outfits. I ordered the shoe rack from Amazon and it was easy to assemble. It even has a little bit of a grippy texture so nothing slips off no matter how you hang them up. Brilliant. 
3. S'mores Krispy treats. 
If you can make regular Rice Krispy treats, you can make these. They are so simple but so delicious. You owe it to your mouth to try them. You can find the actual directions here. Mmmmmm I want some NOW! 
4. No knead bread. 
Is there anything better than the smell of fresh baked bread? Yes, if it means you didn't have to slave away in the kitchen for hours and hours in order to make said bread. This stuff is insanely good and you can create several variations once you get the basic recipe down. I've done a cheddar jalapeno version and an orange cranberry. The possibilities truly are endless. Find the recipe here. I don't know why, but I feel very accomplished when I am slicing up a loaf of bread I baked my very own self. So comforting. 
5. Salad in a jar. 
This one is probably my favorite. I do this almost every day for work. The key is to put the dressing at the bottom, layer up your toppings, and put the lettuce or spinach in on top so the dressing doesn't touch it and make everything soggy. Make sure it doesn't tip over and mix before you are ready, but I have never had a problem with that. The mason jars are adorable, but this works equally well in a regular Tupperware. No more worrying about someone at work stealing your salad dressing out of the refrigerator! Freedom! Click this link for other salad ideas. 

You can see more things I've actually tried from Pinterest here. So quit pinning and start CREATING! 

And since who doesn't love more lists I'm linking up with Erica Jacquline for Listed Tuesdays! 

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