Thursday, May 15, 2014


Helene in Between
So this is quite appropriate for my FIRST attempt with linking up with other bloggers. I came across this #TOTALSOCIAL post on Helene in Between  and couldn't resist trying it out myself. The idea is to connect anyone who wants to on any kind of social media using a common hashtag. So this month's hashtag is #firstsTOTALSOCIAL and the goal is to share your first SOMETHING, ANYTHING. Since my first blog post was only a few short weeks ago I decided to delve back into my Instagram feed and find my very first Instagram post. My baby Georgia in her raincoat. Isn't she adorable? I certainly thought so! 
Can't wait to see everyone else's #firstsTOTALSOCIAL !! 


  1. She gets so excited when it's time to put on her raincoat. She refuses to go out in the rain without it!